Avian Systems ASC 5000

The Powerful Bird Relocation System That Will Operate Anywhere

Avian Systems is proud to introduce its line of tested and proven bird relocation products - the ones that really work.

We use the latest in electronics to “listen” for birds and then use powerful sound and light, designed specifically for your species of birds, to scare them away and keep them away.

ASC provides a patented system with the power and sophistication to keep birds away from multiple acres or buildings, yet is surprisingly affordable. Contact your distributor or Avian Systems direct today to find out what problems we can solve for you - really.

How Does The ASC 5000 Work?

The ASC 5000 monitors for the presence of birds, and then triggers sound effects and other external frightening devices designed to drive the birds from the area. The system uses sound detection to sense when the targeted birds are present and can also use optional motion detectors.

The ASC 5000 can be operated via a variety of power sources: 120 VAC, onboard battery with re-charger, or optional solar panel, assuring this rugged model will provide uninterrupted operation regardless of location.

ASC 5000 Specifications:

Key Features:

AIC 100 Avian Identification Controller

  • The AIC 100 controller is the heart of the ASC 5000 system. With its patented Spectral Energy Envelope Detection (SEED) process, the AIC 100 controller detects when the target species is present, while allowing the system to stay silent when other noises are present. It accomplishes this through the use of interchangeable, plug-in, species modules to determine the species whose sound will trigger the sound effects and other peripheral frightening devices. Optional motion detectors may also be used to trigger the system.
  • Two built-in timers allow flexibility in the automated operation of the ASC 5000. The period-of-operation timer sets the time periods during which the system monitors for birds. The forced-activation timer triggers sound effects and frightening devices at set times. Reaction time and range controls on the controller allow adjustment of trigger sensitivity.

High-Power Stereo Sound System with Frightening Tape

The sound system contains the following components:

  • 200-watt stereo system capable of driving up to 5 speakers per channel, with each speaker delivering as much as 120db of sound.
  • High-quality, species specific, stereo sound effects (as many as 42 per species) designed and proven to frighten birds. These sound effects include, depending on species: bird distress calls, predator sounds, pyrotechnic sounds, and various other sound effects.

Battery and Charging System

The battery and charging system consist of the following:

  • A 12-volt power supply which allows the battery to be re-charged from 110/115 volts AC at 60HZ
  • An optional, complete solar panel with regulator to provide needed power to operate from any location.
  • A 12-volt, congealed-electrolyte (gel cell), lead-acid battery.
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