New as Of...September 25, 2003

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Well, aside from our new location (glad you found us) and our (slightly) newer look, we have consolidated our raptor electrocution infromation in a separate section. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to find what you need...Raptor Menu

We all know the enormous amount of damage woodpeckers can inflict on defenseless utility poles. Now we have a new (to us) weapon in the never-ending fight to SOP (Save Our Poles)...See "Advanced Technology Supply" in Distribution - Poles in the "Catalog".

In your wildest dreams, no one could ever imagine an outage like this. Truly one of a kind...See "Photos".

An intriguing new product on the market. Specifically designed for those trying to mitigate collisions between birds (bats, too) and condutors, guy wires, towers, etc....Since this is different type of application, we've added a new category. See "Avian Collisions" in the "Catalog".

We're not completely sure we believe this...See "Photos".

Those with substation's another approach. See "Midsun Group,Inc." in Substations in the "Catalog".

We have a question about "bird spikes"...See the "Bulletin Board".

Two important workshops/seminars coming up...See "News" for more iformation and registration forms.

A new manufacturer with a different way of dealing with those pesky birds...See "Avian Systems" in Substations in the"Catalog".

An unfortunate combination of Canadian substations and ravens...See the "Bulletin Board".

A news item...See "News".

A new manufacturer with an unusual perching deterrent design...See "Raptor Guard System" in Distribution Poles in the"Catalog".

A new manufacturer enters the never-ending battle with squirrels...See "Critter Guard" in Distribution Conductors in the"Catalog".

Those with substation problems...See "Phoenix" in Substations in the "Catalog".

A response to the Columbian "streamer" problems...See the "Bulletin Board".

Just for laughs..."Photos".

Two new items on the Bulletin Board from our International Collegues, see if you can help...See the "Bulletin Board".

Those with raptor concerns (as well as other wildlife), take note...a new product on the market...See "Eco Electrical" in Distribution Conductors in the"Catalog".

Hot peppers in silicone?...See the "Bulletin Board".

New (and really strange) information on squirrel behavior...See "Squirrels".

New case study, The Case of the Teleporting Squirrel...See "Case Studies".

New product to keep snakes out of substations...See "Transgard" in Substation Fencing in the "Catalog".

Be sure to review the Call For Project Participants. This is a very important project that will impact virtually all utilities...See "Call For Project Participants".

Somebody has a new telephoto lens...See "Photos".

Some advice on building a residential snake fence...See the "Bulletin Board".

An absolutely incredible photo...See "Photos".

A western utility experienced a flashover involving a perch guard, we have photos and a discussion...See "Case Studies".

We have a question (and some responses) about the cost of installing bird diverters on static wires...See the "Bulletin Board"

We have a timely and important report on the West Nile Virus...See "News and Such".

It shouldn't have happened, but it did...See "Photos".

Take an eye test...See "Photos".

Raccoons and ground squirrels - pay attention. Substations are off-limits and there's a new product to remind you...See "Transgard" in Substation Fencing in the "Catalog".

So, you think you have a problem with raptors...See "Photos".

We can put a man on the moon, but we still haven't figured out how to keep eagles and bobcats off power lines. Great photos from NASA...See "Photos".

For those who attented the Alaska Workshop on preventing raptor electrocutions...some (not professional) photos from the whale watching cruise...See "Photos".

More help for raccoons on crossarms...See "Bulletin Board".

More on Monk Parakeets, pictures too...See "Search by Animal" and "Search by Device","Distribution", then "Overhead Devices".

We have some more help for squirrels and URD problems...See "Bulletin Board".

A recent federal ruling that affects utilities...See "News and Such".

We had to do it. We've added another button with a new classification of outages...See "Alien Outages".

A quick response for our friend with the raccoon problem...See "Bulletin Board".

Raccoons and poles, how about some ideas?...See "Bulletin Board".

Some help with gapped arrestors....See "Bulletin Board".

Two news items, one on squirrels and one on raptors...See "News and Such".

How about some help for our International friends?...See "Bulletin Board".

Grizzlies and powerlines...See "News and Such".

Great story about one squirrel versus 78,000 irate consumers...See "News and Such".

An update on our un-ending battle with fire ants...See "News and Such".

More information on using predator urine...See "Bulletin Board".

New photos...see "search by Animal", then click on the "Raptor" (eagle) button.