It happened at Manitoba Hydro. The Winnipeg, Fort Garry Crew received a call reporting that a deer was up on a pole. Unbelievable as it sounds, a train collided with the deer and launched it onto the power line.
Do you suppose this is for real? (We better check.) A Florida Power & Light crew putting in lines for an addition to the Orlando International Airport found the following in a culvert they were using . The gator is/was 18' 2" long. The rattlesnake roundup total was 87.
We don't know about you, but we will never complain about squirrels again.
From our Canadian colleagues...
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This should take care of unauthorized parking...
One picture is worth a thousand words...

This raptor is one slight turn in the wrong direction away from an electrocution.

Tim Chervick, President/CEO of Swift Creek Consulting in Vernal, Utah, demonstrates his skill as a wildlife photographer.
By the time we received this incredible photo, it was third or fourth-hand. If anyone knows who took it (we understand it was a fireman), please let us know.
Click here for 778 x 480 view.
It shouldn't have happened, but it did... California requires a clearance around poles with overhead devices - note the cleared area around the base of the pole in Photo 1. Photo 3 shows the recloser has bushing covers and insulated jumpers as well. Unfortunately, the bird (Photo 2) contacted the energized conductors above the insulation, caused a flashover, caught on fire, fell at the very edge of the cleared area (red circle on Photo 1), starting a grass fire. An example of how sometimes every reasonable engineering precaution can be taken and an accident can still happen.
Attention...eye test! Can you make out what the sign in the lower right says? Apparently the birds can.
So, you think you have a problem with raptors?
Courtsey of : Eric Koegel, Electric Superintendant, City and Borough of Sitka, Alaska.
At least we know we are all in this together. This is what NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida has to cope with....
Yes, Virginia, pelicans can perch on overhead conductors...and here are photos to prove it....
Thanks to Rick Williams, Senior Wildlife Biologist, of Duke Engineering & Services who took these pictures at Moss Landing, California.
Some interesting raptor perches... Prototype of a new perch developed by Falcon Enterprises for Harris Hawks who enjoy group perching.
Photos from the Alaska Workshop on preventing raptor electrocutions...taken on a whale watching cruise.