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The “Firefly” Bird Flapper

U.S. Patent Pending
A Bird Flight Diverter for Overhead Lines and Guy Wires.

Protects birds from collisions with overhead power lines and communications towers incorporating motion, reflectivity, and light emission. This diamond bar reflective and 10 hour glow-in-the-dark flapper swivels and rotates in 3-5 mph wind conditions, increasing visibility to migrating birds and bats. Product utilizes 3-in-1 combination of fluorescent colors designed specifically for avian vision. (Fluorescent Yellow, Orange and Phosphorescent White.) Can easily be fixed from the ground with an installation tool. Easy to remove and install when bird activity changes with the season. Unique mounting bracket allows 45 degree angle installation for communication tower and power line guy wires - reducing bird and bat collisions.


Acrylic Plastic 1/8 “, 3.5” by 6” flapper -impact-resistant and UV-stabilized. (-30 F. to 160 F.) 3-M Diamond Bar Fluorescent Reflective Sheeting Phosphorescent Sheeting - 10-12 hour glow-in-the dark light emitted. Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Swivel system -salt spray and weather resistant. ABS -Makrolon plastic weather-resistant Snap Fast Mounting Clamp with stainless -steel spring action. Clamps securely grip all single and bundled cables up to a diameter of 70 mm. Can be installed with a hot stick installation tool.