International Sites...

Sometimes, we are so focused on our own problems that we forget animals interact with power lines all over the world. After all, large birds roosting on transmission towers cause the same kind of problems whether they are in Kentucky or South Africa.

Here in the United States, utilities are required by law to take steps to prevent injury or death to those animals on the Threatened or Endangered List (or protected species) whether it reduces power outages or not. For electric utilities, these animals will most often be raptors (birds of prey).

Raptor electrocutions are a subject of worldwide concern and there are many excellent organizations working with utilities to try to solve this problem. On this page, we are going to offer links to international sites that are working on the same problems we are. With your participation and this Web site, we can start an international dialoge that will benefit everyone. The first site we offer is a partnership between ESKOM (the largest electric utility in South Africa) and the Endangered Wildlife Trust. This is a great example of an innovative joint effort.